Horse Trek in Inca Sacred Valley

Horse Trek in the Inca Sacred Valley

It first began with having to find some horses.  There were a few farms with horses and we went to the owners discussing our plan to horse trek through the valley and inca ruins ourselves using our own maps and sense of orientation.  Both seemed happy enough to let us do that with their horse and one of their "guide".  The first place had really skinny horses with which it took everything to trot a few metres, so needless to say we went with the second place which has slightly more robust horses.  

Our guide had no idea what he was getting himself into.  When we saw him pack a few wool towels on his horse and 2 pieces of bread, we wondered how he'd last through rainy nights and a few days of trekking.  Anyhow we went ahead!  The scenery was amazing, the place I loved most was the "potato university" which is the round ampheatheater like setting.  This is where the incas would grow a variety of different potatoes at different altitudes and humidity conditions.  

The slow pace.. by then we were used to using our own legs to trek all around different mountainous environment in South America.  We were a bit disappointed with the walking pace of horses, it's really not fast at all! Anyhow, we tried to enjoy ourselves and mainly soak in the sceneries few tourists would enjoy!